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Pet Peeve

One of my pet peeve is to see somebody’s chronic disease. I scape to visit them because I don’t like to see their pain (both physically and mentally). I do not know what to say to change their situation. It’s a while I have been thinking how I can change my perspective toward this pet peeve. If I feel my persistence will change their mood positively, I can cross a line into this pet peeve. Maybe, visiting them and sharing happiness helps? Maybe, I need to develop my sense of humor? ‌‌But I am sure I need to improve my skills to invite them to work on their mind. If so, it definitely helps to overcome their battle.   

Uma Movement Studio”

I don’t remember when was exactly the first time I heard about “Chakras” and “meditation”. But I know these areas attract my attention in crazy way. Working on this section helps me to change the above pet peeve. Using meditation Changes my mind and Changing my mind changes my life. A couple of months ago I was introduced to Caitlynn who is a holistic health coach. She with her partner (Terry) are owner of  the “Uma Movement Studio. They offer Donation based Online Zoom Yoga & Meditation classes which I participate weekly. They work from the bottom of heart to enhance healthiness and peace among the community. Participating in their virtual classes was a turning point in my life. Now, I feel more confidence to offer my loved ones to start meditation. Even if your excuse is about distance between your home and mindfulness studios I say you can participate virtually. This week two of the my best friends join me to meditate. Now it’s your turn.

What is your repayment strategy to the universe?

Feel free to go through my website and take a taste about my insight. I regularly update that. Do you like to bring me a happy face? comment below about the way that you bring happiness to the world. How do you repay your debt to universe. I’ll be more than happy to learn from you.






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  1. Thank you for sharing this information. I really needed this peaceful energy in my life to make my inner connection , I already subscribed my email, looking forward to get the weekly schedule🙏

    1. Amazing!! Thank you for showing your interest. I am happy that you found it peaceful. Probably you should have received the weekly schedule in your Email. Please check your Inbox.

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